Our technology

Granulés PVC gris DallecoDalleco pvc floor tiles are the result of many years of research & development.

It is a technical product which combines the work of chemists (raw material) and injection moulders (tile itself)! All our products have been approved by the CSTB (Science and Technical Center for Building).


Data sheet of our tiles


Caractéristiques techniques Norme Unité de mesure Dalleco
Hardness ISO 868 Shore A 92
Inflammability EN 1350-1 M2 Bfl-s2 Hardly inflammable
Abrasion NF EN 660-1 mm 0,10 ie 1,5% of the thickness
Standard indentation
– under load
– remanent
NF EN 433  mm 0,10
Toughness (resistance to pull)
. For 1% elongation
. For 2% elongation
MI UEAtc  Kg / m 1% 841
2% 1375
Elongation before rupture NF T 46 002  % 125,2
Force to rupture NF T 46 002  Tonne /m 1385
Intense indentation
– under load
– remanent
NF EN 433  mm 0,15
Chemical resistance
Common acids, Oils, Gas-oil
Aucune altération
Solvents, Common bases Not resistant to prolonged contact
UV Stability Good
Resistance to compression NF P 15 451 Kg /cm 522